Sekolah Pelita Harapan

Join the SPH Summer 2024 Teaching Team!

Application is open from December 2023 to 10 February 2024

Join us for Sekolah Pelita Harapan’s upcoming Summer Program in Indonesia! 

Through this program, participants will explore God's calling to teach, acquire professional skills, and develop effective instructional methods for classroom challenges.

Career at SPH Summer
Career at SPH Summer

General Requirements

  1. Demonstrable Christian faith and alignment with SPH's Vision, Mission, and Statement of Faith (exceptions with SPH’s approval).
  2. Preferably an Education major nearing the final year of college, but other majors are welcomed.
  3. Interview with an SPH representative between December and February.

What You'll Get!

  1. Pre-program orientation in Indonesia.
  2. Relevant local transportation & full-board accommodation.
  3. Ongoing program supervision.
  4. Course content guidance by SPH.
Career at SPH Summer
Career at SPH Summer

Expenses to be Covered by Students

  1. Air ticket (Up to $1000 subsidy from SPH by reimbursement).
  2. Personal expenses needed for in-country travel before, during, or after the program.
  3. Travel insurance expense (covered by students or sending institutions).

Program Format

Students will teach various classes (to be determined) each week, with 2 to 4 classes a day, depending on the length of each class.
Classes would occur every day from Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. 

Benefits For You


Up to $1000
Airfare Subsidy


Full-board Accomodation

indonesia trip

Cultural Trip in Indonesia

social visa

Social Cultural Visa

How to Apply

Submit the following documents to

  1. Submit your application form by 10 February 2024 to ensure ample time for processing your social visa.
  2. Include a recommendation letter from your professor and campus ministry leader/pastor.
  3. After initial acceptance provide scanned copies of passport, air ticket, primary health policy, and up-to-date immunization records. Show proof of secondary health insurance, travel insurance, medical evacuation, political evacuation coverage, and immunization documents.
    *Note: Any costs not covered by SPH are your responsibility

Important Dates

  • Application: Dec 2023 to 10 Feb 2024
  • Interviews for Shortlisted Candidates: 10 - 29 Feb 2024
  • Offer Letter: Mar 2024 (first week)
  • Latest decision to join the program: 7 working days after the Offer Letter is received
  • Arrival in Indonesia: 12 - 13 Jun 2024
  • Orientation, Adjustment & Mission Trips: 17 - 23 Jun
  • SPH Summer Program Teaching: 24 Jun - 5 Jul
  • Cultural Trip: 6 - 9 Jul
  • Departure from Indonesia: 10 - 12 Jul
Career at SPH Summer

Summer Teachers' Testimonial