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Our Middle School program is designed to cater to the unique needs of students transitioning from Junior School to High School. With experienced teachers providing personalized attention and support, our Middle School model will help students develop the necessary skills and knowledge for success in High School.

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Why Choose Our Middle School Program?

The Middle School model, Grades 6-8, was crafted with an understanding that our young adolescent students need a culture that uplifts and challenges them, a community of peers, a learning environment that gives them applicable problems to solve, and a teaching team that is passionate about Middle School students.

The Four Pillars

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Empower students to take bold risks, grow in self-awareness, and make intentional choices.

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Prioritize student well-being, success, and positive experience.

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Inspire collaborative and engaged learning through interdisciplinary units focused on real-world challenges.

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A passionate group of educators who are dedicated to guiding and nurturing young adolescent students.

Ways to Prepare students success

Ways We Prepare Students for Success

Ways tto prepare students success in middle school

A Word from Our Associate Middle School Principal

"At the heart of our middle school model is a commitment to holistic growth, recognizing that academic success is just one part of a well-rounded education. We aim to nurture the whole student, promoting social-emotional development, leadership skills, and a lifelong love of learning."

Jenae Daniels
SPH Kemang Village Associate Middle School Principal

A Word from Our Associate Middle School Principal
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Maintaining The Right Balance

We aim to maintain the right balance by providing engaging and challenging academic rigor that will prepare students for success in high school and beyond. Through specially crafted teaching methods, including project-based learning, technology integration, and differentiated instruction, our program can definitely give your child an exceptional learning experience.

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