Urban Education Redefined

We embody urban education, fusing city vitality with tailored learning rooted in faith.

Together, we spark minds, creating classrooms for curiosity, creativity, collaboration, and lifelong passion.

Through our commitment to Christ-centered education and innovation, we nurture future servant leaders. For us, education is a shared journey of faith, transformation, and holistic growth.

What Makes

Us Different?

SPH Kemang Village

Rooted in Faith

SPH Kemang Village

More than a school, we are a faith-driven community dedicated to shaping compassionate individuals.

Through the combination of the rigorous curriculum and our holistic approach, we emphasize academic excellence, spiritual growth, and character development, empowering students to lead lives of empathy and faith.

We believe in instilling not just knowledge but also a profound sense of purpose.

SPH Kemang Village

Bonds Beyond Border

SPH Kemang Village

Our school's community serves as a home where students, parents, and teachers unite to thrive together.

We believe that children realize their fullest potential in a compassionate, caring, and supportive environment.

Here, we strive together for a culture of seamless connections that go across generations, cultures, and any border.  

SPH Kemang Village

Tailored Learning Approach

SPH Kemang Village

We believe in fitting education to each child, not the other way around. Our classrooms are made to match every young mind, uplifting them into the best they can be.

Our teachers know that learning goes beyond the classroom; it's about sparking curiosity and letting creativity bloom. With our special way of teaching, every child can shine in their own awesome way.

We're not just teaching; we're making sure every child grows in the way God wants them to be. Welcome to a school that gets you!

SPH Kemang Village

Innovative & Imaginative Learning Spaces

SPH Kemang Village

We believe that learning should not be confined to four walls; it should breathe, expand, and flourish.

As a testament to our belief, we incorporate innovative learning spaces in our school to trigger brilliance, ignite minds, and nurture creativity.

Our classrooms are canvases for ideas designed to inspire—a place created to empower both students and educators to be creative and adaptive.

SPH Kemang Village

Global Vision for Future Life Changers

SPH Kemang Village

Beyond education, we are forging a new way, preparing students beyond the classroom. Our commitment is to equip students for life. With comprehensive support, including career counseling and a diverse range of programs designed to instill essential life skills, we're shaping resilient learners

By emphasizing Christian faith and values, we gudie students on a journey with God, nurturing lifelong lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and servant leaders. 

Our mission is clear: to ready students for the challenges and opportunities in this evolving landscape. We mold them into flourishing learners, faithful disciples of Christ, world-changers, servant leaders, truth-seekers, and confident communicators—ensuring they're well-prepared to excel in life.

SPH Kemang Village

Inclusive Student Support

SPH Kemang Village

We recognize that not all students learn, thrive, and grow in the same way. Each student is a unique creation that requires skillful professionals to nurture their gifts, talents, and skills.

Whether students are learning English as an additional language (EAL) or would benefit from some additional academic support systems, we are prepared to understand and meet their needs.

Our team of dedicated educators in EAL and Student Services are passionate about helping students discover and discern how they can positively contribute to the community around them.

Hear From Our


SPH provides a holistic education that goes beyond academics, emphasizing values and guidance for our kids' journey into independence. The teachers at SPH are not just educators but mentors who genuinely care about our children's wellbeing. The middle school program reflects their dedication to creating a safe and engaging learning environment, fostering collaboration among different grade levels, and preparing our kids for the future.

- Lea Hambali, Parent of Logan (G7)

When choosing a school for our children, we were looking for one that was nurturing, empowering, and in a God-loving environment. We were amazed by how caring everyone was. The whole SPH community and our children love being at school. We are constantly in awe of how SPH has developed our children's confidence, knowledge, faith, and relationships they have built. Most importantly, they are always eager and willing to come and learn.

- Bianca, Parent of Jade and Jia (G1 & G2)

I love SPH because of the classroom, playground, and the fun activities with Ms. Lycel and Ibu Bertha, such as painting, playdough, reading stories, and playing with Lego.

- Maya, K1

In K2, I enjoy playing with friends, singing funny songs, doing movement breaks, hearing animal stories, painting, counting numbers, and praying.

- Nicholas, K2

All teachers and friends are nice to me and I learned a lot of things from SPH, because learning time is always fun and exciting.

- Tony, Grade 3

The teachers at SPH KV are great, they helped me to have a wonderful learning experience, aside from that, SPH community is very welcoming and the environment here helps me grow in knowledge and other aspects as well.

- Emma, Grade 5

I love SPH community and how they help me to grow in Christian Faith. SPH teachers are very helpful and kind, they help me to grow in the best way possible. 

- Josephine, Grade 8

I like how people at SPH can help and support each other and they are available for you whenever you need them. Some people might need help to settle into the school, or are behind the schoolwork, but it's easier at SPH since you get the support from your teachers and also friends.

- James, Grade 8

What I like about SPH is the many different communities where I can find myself in and explore different hobbies and passions.

- Valena, Grade 11

What I like about SPH is the community and Christian faith based values, SPH do really well creating a supportive, safe and fun familial environment.

- Lauren, Grade 12

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