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We are a vibrant and welcoming community where students discover belonging and encouragement. We are dedicated to creating an environment where everyone feels valued and nurtured, making school their true second home.

With a strong community spirit, we foster academic growth and personal development, ensuring each student is equipped for a successful and fulfilling learning journey.

What Makes

Us Different?

SPH Lippo Cikarang

Rooted in Faith

SPH Lippo Cikarang

More than a school, we are a faith-driven community dedicated to shaping compassionate individuals.

Through the combination of the rigorous curriculum and our holistic approach, we emphasize academic excellence, spiritual growth, and character development, empowering students to lead lives of empathy and faith.

We believe in instilling not just knowledge but also a profound sense of purpose.

SPH Lippo Cikarang

Bonds Beyond Border

SPH Lippo Cikarang

Our school's community serves as a home where students, parents, and teachers unite to thrive together.

We believe that children realize their fullest potential in a compassionate, caring, and supportive environment.

Here, we strive together for a culture of seamless connections that go across generations, cultures, and any border.  

SPH Lippo Cikarang

A Global
Melting Pot

SPH Lippo Cikarang

SPH boasts a rich mosaic of multicultural diversity, featuring 11 nationalities, including Indonesian, South Korean, Japanese, and more.

This diverse composition enhances students' educational experience and encourages cross-cultural understanding, unity, and respect. Through events, projects, and a curriculum emphasizing compassion for one another, our students gain firsthand knowledge of different cultures, nurturing their open-mindedness.

Our community is a dynamic learning environment set to prepare students for the global stage.

SPH Lippo Cikarang

Active Learning for
Active Minds

SPH Lippo Cikarang

Our commitment to hands-on learning is the cornerstone of our educational approach.

We embrace what we call Active Learning, where students actively engage in real-world experiences to deepen their understanding of complex concepts.

Through this approach, we encourage collaborations and participations, making room for students to apply their knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems.

SPH Lippo Cikarang

Learning Experience

SPH Lippo Cikarang

We tailor each stage in our learning journey to meet each student’s unique needs and developmental stages.

By providing age-appropriate, all-encompassing learning, we ensure a well-rounded and supportive experience for each child.

This not only eases their transitions to their next stage in education, but also cultivates a holistic foundation, making each child’s learning journey engaging and tailored to their growth.

Hear From Our

My school, has not only offered me essential facilities and support but has also been instrumental in guiding me on my faith journey and nurturing a deep relationship with God. It's a place where I feel safe and encouraged to openly express my beliefs, fostering meaningful connections with both my peers and teachers, making us faithful disciples together.

- Angelica, Grade 9

SPH really is our second home, where our children have a good friendship and experience joy and lots of love.

- Mrs. Ying Shi, Parent of Junwoo & Ji Ye

SPH's multicultural environment fosters diverse experiences, prompting valuable self-reflection, while dedicated teachers empower students to reach their goals.

- Yuna, Grade 12

Since I joined this school, I feel more courageous and confident because of the environment that makes me comfortable. I have become more proficient in independently advancing my knowledge, all while benefiting from the guidance of supportive teachers. The lesson methods and explanations offered by the teachers are clear and easy to understand, making the learning experience is so fun!

- Ha Neul, Grade 6

Thanks to SPH's learning program, our children beam with enthusiasm every day heading to school. It fosters their academic growth and instills values of respect, sportsmanship, faith, and a love for learning. We're delighted to be part of the SPH Lippo Cikarang family, where dedicated teachers and supportive staff make learning both educational and enjoyable.

- Mrs. Esther Sihombing, Parent of Zayin, Raphael & Aurora

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