A Second Home for Flourishing Learners

SPH Sentul City is the place to be - your child's second home.

In our dynamic and welcoming community, your child will find a family, be truly empowered and fully thrives. Our students are remarkable in academics, proven in character, and determined for success. 

What Makes

Us Different?

SPH Sentul City

Rooted in Faith

SPH Sentul City

More than a school, we are a faith-driven community dedicated to shaping compassionate individuals.

Through the combination of the rigorous curriculum and our holistic approach, we emphasize academic excellence, spiritual growth, and character development, empowering students to lead lives of empathy and faith.

We believe in instilling not just knowledge but also a profound sense of purpose.

SPH Sentul City

Bonds Beyond Border

SPH Sentul City

Our school's community serves as a home where students, parents, and teachers unite to thrive together.

We believe that children realize their fullest potential in a compassionate, caring, and supportive environment.

Here, we strive together for a culture of seamless connections that go across generations, cultures, and any border.  

SPH Sentul City

30 Years of
Quality IB Education

SPH Sentul City

With 30 years as a Christian IB School, our proven passion, expertise, experience set us apart.

Beyond IB, we seamlessly integrate Christian values into every facet of our students' learning journey, guaranteeing their transformation into well-rounded individuals prepared for the challenges of the modern world.

SPH Sentul City

International Dormitory Experience

International Dormitory Experience

SPH Sentul City Dormitory offers a unique international experience. As a second home, our dormitory serves as a safe space for our students from across the globe to grow in their academic, faith, and character.

With caring dorm parents and supervisors, and comprehensive dorm programs, students are guided in their journey to become independent, responsible, and compassionate young adults.

SPH Sentul City

Inclusive Student Support

SPH Sentul City

Our focus is your child's success. Through personalized career counseling, tailored academic support, and a comprehensive and inclusive program, we are equipped and ready to unlock your chid's full potential.

We are committed to guide and empower your child to confidently navigate their path to university and make informed decisions to meet their goals.

Hear From Our

SPH SC has helped me mentally and spiritually. Since I join SPH SC, I have been growing closer to God every single day and understanding His word even more! I also think that my teachers has helped me with my mental health by feeding or giving kind and good information to student. In SPH SC I could proudly state or say that there are no bullies that could harm you!

- Sienna, Grade 7

The school's rigorous IB program challenged me to think critically and provided a well-rounded education that prepared me for the global stage. Beyond academics, SPH Sentul City instilled in me a profound sense of biblical character development, which has integrity and spirit of excellence at its core.

- Andhika Hambali, Alumni and K1 Parent

So far, life in the dormitory has been a very valuable experience in my life. At first, I was pretty scared at the thought of living with others, as I was an introverted person. However, I find that this community has led me to build meaningful friendships that I wouldn’t have made if I didn’t choose to be here. I find myself more motivated than ever because of this, and I’ve found that living here has helped me come out of my shell. I’m glad I could also be supported spiritually by this community and grow my faith with them. I learned to be more mature and responsible for myself, something I wouldn’t have fostered if I'd never left home. Thus, I am very grateful for this community, and I’m sure all the experiences I’ve gained here will be valuable even for years to come.

- Madelaine, Grade 10

At SPH, something that is different from most schools is that when I'm feeling down, the teachers encourage me to try my best. I think that here at SPH, they not only care about your physical health but also your mental which makes it feel like a safe space. 

- Yoojin, Grade 7

SPH’s career counselor has been very helpful in guiding me since at the time I struggled with what I wanted to study in university. With her guidance, I was able to choose subjects that I not only excel and grow in, but I also enjoy. Classes are always filled with meaningful discussion and conversations on relevant topics that are both related to the syllabus as well as current global issues. My career counselor has given me many opportunities to get involved with various international programs and universities throughout high school which has allowed me to explore fields outside of what is offered in IB. I believe SPH’s team of teachers and counselors do an amazing job of preparing me for my future—not only academically, but also mentally and emotionally.

- Farra, Grade 12


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